Well, in the age of the internet, grabbing eyeballs has become less costly, making it very challenging to stay in the competition. But, don’t let that restrain you from grasping your piece of the pie; YES, you do have a piece to grab. Let’s do some analysis here, more than half of the 7 billion people on earth have a smartphone, meaning, we’re all walking around with a mobile television and radio. There is a satellite to send signals to them, that’s the internet. The only missing piece is a channel for people to tune in, that is where you come in. With media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Spotify, Vimeo, YouTube, and the others, you can be that channel for people to tune in. Obviously, each of these media has its specific purpose, LinkedIn for instance, is a social network that connects the working class, showcases employment opportunities, and also gives spots for everyone to exhibit their qualities to gain traction. YouTube, on the other hand, is for sharing videos, (both long and short formats). So, don’t be just a consumer of content, let people know you for something: a writer, doctor, entrepreneur, coach, comedian, and musician. Whatever your interest might be, start working on your profile for the social networks that suit your interest, post content on a regular basis, and engage with people on that social network through comments, (mostly with those who share similar interests).

Now you know, social media is indeed the new eyeball getter.

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