Hey, I’m glad to meet you once again. Today we’re going to discuss something important, so lend me your undivided attention for a couple of minutes.

The message I have for you today is centered on the process. Do you know that everything you see around has a process through which it emerged? The buildings, fancy cars, cutting-edge tech, the food on your table, and every finished product you can think of, all passed through a certain kind of process. Obviously, 99.9% of end-users care less about the process from which their finished products were derived. That’s normal because they just want to use it. But looking at things from the manufacturer’s point of view, the process from which their finished products are derived means the world to them. Without that process they can’t fulfill their purpose, neither can they enjoy the byproducts (money, fame, respect, and what have you).

Looking at the young population around me today, almost all of them have centered their focus on the byproducts instead of loving and focusing on the process. Guys, to be able to taste fame or money, you need to find a process which is directed to fulfill a purpose (being it, entertaining others, making life easy and comfortable for humanity through your inventions, educating others, or motivating those who have lost their “fire”).

Keep loving and focusing on your respective processes, for your byproducts are coming soon.

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