Network like a pro; the 3 easy checklists.

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Who has ever sucked at networking? Don’t be shy to show your hands because you aren’t the only person. I used to suck at it back then; the more I tried to improve my game, the more I screwed it up. Things changed when I started learning from people like Eric Worre, Les brown, Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone, and Brian Rose (there are others to the list, our conversation will be long if I should mention all of them). These gentlemen are good at the game of networking (looking at how established they’re). You’ve got to learn and master this skill if you want to grow your personal brand, build a business and an empire in the long run. Today I’ll be sharing with you 3 easy checklist to follow to step up your game.

Stick around!

#1. Network on special occasions.

Do you know why it is good to talk to a stranger on special occasions? This is because it doesn’t make you an intruder. People you come into contact with for the first time always feel that way if you approach them out of the blue. But on special occasions like a birthday party, conference, their birthday, or job promotion day, they’re open to making new friends: the exact moment to network.

#2. Give sincere compliments.

One of the best ways to start a conversation with a stranger. Remember, your compliment has to be sincere. How do you feel when someone compliments you on your outfit or your profile picture on your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn account? I guess that makes you feel good. That’s the same feeling someone you compliment experiences. Afterward, you can introduce yourself.

#3. Have a conversation about the other person’s field.

This part mostly begins with the famous question “what do you do?” This conversation can probably help you know if you both share similar expertise or something, and that can help fasten the friendship.

I hope these 3 easy checklists improve your networking game. Subscribe to the blog to receive informative content every week.

Thanks for joining me.

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