Target and Patience.

Honestly speaking, both of them contributes greatly to our success at anything, whether it’s marketing, business, or whatever that you can think of. Seldom are we deeply educated on them, which is definitely not a good thing to be proud of. But if you’re lucky enough to be enlightened on target and patience, then you’re blessed with two powerful assets.

Without a target there is a high chance of you burning out before you realize. It happens to countless people than you can ever imagine. Having a target allows you to direct sufficient energy to a specified location. Does that make sense? If it doesn’t let me help you with this illustration. Do you know Elon Musk’s company, Tesla? I guess you know how much it costs to possess any of the models they manufacture, yet the company keeps on growing day-in-day-out. The reason for that is simple. Tesla has a target market. Not everybody can afford a Tesla car, but those who can are the group of people the company focus their energy on. I hope it makes sense now. For whatever you have to offer, being it a service, an artifact or a solution to a problem, you got to figure out who or which group of people want and can afford it; those are your target and the exact spot you ought to focus your energy. I guess we’re on the same page by now.

Now, patience, an eight letter word we’ve been seeing in our Holy Bibles, and hearing from the mouths of pastors, teachers, entrepreneurs and of course parents. It’s a word you can make a habit, (that all of us reading this today must do). Without having the spirit of patience, you can never attain the fortune you deserve. Oh yes! Being aggressively patient is what I’m talking about, (the kind of patience exercised when working on something that has the tendency of making you a fortune someday in the future). That’s it.

Make these two assets a habit, and your destiny will be GLORIOUS.

P.S. Credit to Gary Vayner Chuck for the inspiration.

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