4 ways to heal emotional wounds.

A black and white picture of a lady in sorrow.

Yes, emotional wounds do exist. Probably you might think it doesn’t until you become a victim. Physical wounds attract the most attention, rendering emotional wounds unattended. This kind of wound is very serious; it can go to the extent of distorting your normal physical state of being. It really has to be dealt with ASAP. Therefore I need to share with you these four remedies that work like magic if you stay true with them.

Punch lines.

• Forgive whatever that happened in your past.
• Live in the present than the past.
• Centre your focus on who you desire to be in the future.
• Be grateful for the life you have.

1. Forgive whatever that happened in your past.

Honestly, forgiving is very hard to do, especially when the incidents that occurred could have been prevented from happening. Sometimes we do things thinking they’re the faultless, just to realize they actually aren’t faultless as we thought they were. I believe that makes us human. We aren’t perfect. True, some events of the past causes unforgettable pain, immense fear and rage, but what’s the point of holding on to all of that if it only creates a wound in you. Forgiving yourself and the person, whoever that is, is like cutting lose the rope that has tied you to a tree. All the pain, fear and anger just goes away and you’re free!

2. Live in the present than the past.

Oftentimes we allow our brains to do the talking and actions; it’s high time we took control. In our day, fear dominates almost everything. “Fear of the unknown” as they usually call it. Why should we be afraid if we don’t even know the thing that’s trying to scare us? All that “fear of the unknown” is because you’re still living in the scary moments that occurred in the past. Whatever that happened in the past has been done and gone. None of us can go back in time to change our terrible pasts, but the best thing we can do for our present and future self is to learn lessons from the mistakes that brought us negative results. You’ll be a living testimony when you do this.

3. Centre your focus on who you desire to be in the future.

Focus is everything. It is something unique that I think should be encoded in every brain on this planet. Where you direct your focus to, is the place your energy flows to. So, if you direct your focus to events of the past, the guess what, that is where your energy is flowing to. Meanwhile, what has been done in the past has already occurred, and there’s nothing that can be done to change that. Why would you allow your energy to flow in that direction? Direct your energy to the future instead; focus on who you want to become tomorrow, in a month’s time, five years later, and so on. That is the right way to use your energy. Join Dr. Joe Dispenza at drjoedispenza.com, and he’ll help you become more than who you are now.

4. Be grateful for the life you have.

This is the all-time punch line. Having a sense of gratitude for the life you have and everything in your life is key to growth and happiness. It doesn’t matter how things ended for you some days back, there’s more ahead for you. Just be grateful every time of the day.
I hope these remedies help you.

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