A lady mechanical engineer working on an engine.

SCC is an acronym that can stand for a lot of words. At Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) it means…? KNUST students know what it signifies. Probably you might also have some words to fit this acronym. The SCC I’ll be talking about today stands for Skills, Creativity, and Consistency. Based on a couple of analyses, I can boldly say that these are the treasures of every entrepreneur you’ve heard of on this planet. If you aspire to be an entrepreneur today or someday, then SCC is something you never want to let go of. It will keep you in the game for a long time.

Let’s roll!

My friends, skills are a big part of any kind of success, no matter the thing you want to succeed at. To become a successful businessman/woman, you need some sets of skills. To become a phenomenal artist, you need skills. To become a professional footballer, basketball player, or ballplayer, you ought to acquire the skills involved. Most times people get fired up after meeting life-changing opportunities, but gradually their fire fades away if the life-changing opportunity seems not to work for them. I share empathy with such people. There’s only one problem to solve; do you know what that is? The kind of skills the opportunity demands from you. If by chance you happen to read this blog today or tomorrow, and you’re about to give up on an opportunity, I want you to take a minute to ask yourself, “What are the sets of skills this opportunity demands of me”? That is going to make you unstoppable. You’ll receive the price you deserve. Once you’ve asked yourself that question, books will become your reference, the internet will become your research institute and mentors will become your go-to people. Now let’s move on to…

An old man painting.
Creativity draws the most eyeballs

Creativity. Your ability to perceive the world in new ways, unveil hidden patterns, and make connections between different phenomena to derive a solution makes you a creative person. Simply put, creativity is using your imaginative power to produce something. The person who can actively exercise his/her imaginative power to produce an outcome draws the most eyeballs to themselves and their products. Thus giving you the results you always yearned for; be it fame or money. Lastly, let’s talk about…

A man running a marathon
Consistency wins the race.

Consistency. The habit of always showing up for work no matter what is the one that works magic. It is needed to cross the 40% mark (the point where most people quit). Your current mood shouldn’t be an excuse for not showing up. What happened during the day or on the previous day shouldn’t be an excuse either. Matter of fact, no excuses should be made if you desire success at whatever thing you’re working on.

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