What specialized knowledge actually signifies?

Knowledge is power”, the usual saying we all grew up with. True, knowledge is indeed power, but my question is, what kind of knowledge is power? We are all so eager to acquire lots of knowledge without knowing the types of knowledge that even exist.

From Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, the legend talks about two types of knowledge, that is, General Knowledge and Specialized Knowledge. If you’ve read the book, then you already have one of the best definitions known to mankind in your possession. No need to worry if you haven’t read the book yet; I’m going to share these definitions with you.

For general knowledge, this is how Napoleon Hill puts it, “This is the kind of knowledge the faculties of the great universities possess in aggregate”. This knowledge can’t be used to attract great wealth, because it is difficult to organize and direct it through practical plans. The point I’m trying to make here is, general knowledge is highly impractical and archaic. I know I’m going to face some criticisms here, but that’s the hard truth. Though some of the general knowledge acquired at the universities can be organized to attract some level of wealth, but a bizarre amount of them are just a dross of precious time.

Now, specialized knowledge, from Napoleon Hill’s perspective is, “The kind of knowledge that is pursued on purpose to shape the faculties of the mind to attract a fortune”. This knowledge can be organized, and intelligently directed through practical plans of action. The sweet thing about this type of knowledge is, it isn’t necessary to go to school to grab it; you can easily acquire it from people, online and offline. Learning from the qualified person or entity is key. The person or entity who has the results you desire, is your go to.

Before you set out to acquire specialized knowledge, catechize yourself, why you need that specific knowledge and where you can obtain it.

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