A coil of rope in the hands of a man.

Have you ever wondered why we can’t accomplish the things we don’t believe in? Probably not. I have been wondering why that’s so for quite some time now. I get it now. All that I found is exactly what I’m going to share with you today, so spare me five minutes of your time to discover the mystery behind the power of belief on actions. Agreed?

From the dictionary, belief is a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing. This definition is from the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Now, I want you to take just a minute to ponder over this definition. Are you done? If you’re, what came out of your thoughts? Here’s mine. From the definition of belief, two major words can be identified amongst all the others; they are, trust and confidence. These words give the word belief its unimaginable power. When you trust or have confidence in something, don’t you go all-in? I guess you do without hesitation. That action, my friends, is because of the belief you have in what you’re about to venture into. Almost 90% of the work is done when your mind is set to believe in it. It then becomes very easy for you to commit your entire being to the process, and with the right amount of skills, creativity, and consistency you can perpetrate exceptional results. This, my friends, is what you’ve been waiting for.

Two ladies jubilating at the shore during sunset.

Never forget this; it is only when your mind is set to believe in something, then you can fulfill it.


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