There are so many ways to deal with pain: here are 10 of them.

Two ladies in a grid photo; one crying and the other smiling.

Pain is one of the strongest things in this world; it can make you or unmake you. Have you ever encountered a painful moment before? What was it? Share it with me in the comment box. Pain is kind of hard to deal with, especially if it is your very first time. Pain from a breakup is quite devastating, also, the pain of been backstabbed, the pain of been hit by a lawsuit, pain of losing a loved one, and pain of watching your dreams shutter are all part of the devastating category. They can seriously affect the mental health of its victims If you aren’t lucky enough, they can ruin your physical health as well.

I don’t want any of these to happen to you, which is why I find it obligatory to share with you, 10 different ways to handle any kind of pain.

Join me!

1. Talk to someone you trust.

Folks, this strategy works. No matter the kind of pain you’re tasting, there is someone who has tasted the exact thing before. If such a person is still alive, it’d be in your best interest to locate them, and then pour your soul out to them. I remember, at a point in my life, I tasted an intolerable pain that almost crippled me. By applying this approach, I rose and roared like an undisputed Lion. Here are a couple of people you can talk to in times of pain: parents, lovers, counselors, priests, mentors, and friends.

2. Repeat positive words to yourself.

This is as powerful as the previous one. Some people become negative beings when they’re in pain, which leads them to certain dark places they shouldn’t be. Suicide rate keeps rising, and rising, all because of the negative thoughts people succumb to. It’s high time we got pumped up with positivity. There is an old saying that goes, “the thing that doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. You ought to use your pain as fuel that drives you to grow strong, than just allowing it to cripple you. In moments of pain I’ll suggest you make motivational speakers your dear friends. I’ll recommend Eric Thomas (a.k.a. ETTHEHIPHOPPREACHER).

3. Work hard on your dreams.

Dreams are your priceless possession; whatever that is, it is unique to you alone. When times of pain emerge, you might lose focus and even interest in your dream(s). I love this saying by Morgan Freeman, in the movie, Angle Has Fallen. He said, “It’s our moments of struggle that define us, how we handle them is what matters”. This means that, when we’re in pain (moments of struggle), that is the time we’re put to test to find out who we really are; a snowflake or a conqueror. In moments of pain, your dreams need you the most.

4. Workout regularly and take good care of your body.

Your body is your one true asset. Giving it a healthy status must be your priority. Pain most times makes us feel very empty (of no value); countless of lives get into trouble here. Find a workout routine that works for you and engage. Also, don’t forget to give your body the healthy fuel it needs, good water, proper sleep and more specialized knowledge.

5. Listen to elevating music.

Music is good, especially when it elevates you. In times of pain, I suggest you find the right kind of elevating music that works for you and stick to it while you continue to cure yourself of the pain.

6. Get religious.

The whole point here is, hope; religion provides it very effectively. Having hope that things will get better someday, heals pain. For real. If your pain is eating you up, then it would be in your best interest to consider this point.

7. Dance to tunes.

The act of dancing is a unique way of exercising your body and engaging your brain. Dancing prevents you from thinking too much about your pain. Though it doesn’t cure your pain at once, at least, it helps minimize the risks involved in being in pain.

8. Crush things.

I stumbled upon this idea somewhere on social media. In that video, there was a guy who was in pain to the extent that he was just destroying everything in his family’s kitchen. It’s definitely not a smart approach to handling pain; after destroying things, you’d have to probably get them replaced. Think twice before you use this approach.

9. Take a trip.

Moving to a new location means, getting a fresh start. Let’s say the thing that caused you pain took place in an area you were located; staying there will probably worsen the case. The smartest approach I’ll recommend for you is this one (move to a new place).

10. Compare your pain to others’.

This is a bit silly to do; no offense. Though it does work for some people, especially ladies. Doing this is like, having someone to show you empathy. It can help you ride the tides of pain.
NB: I don’t recommend this for you, but you can give it a shot; if it works for you, that’s fine.
I hope today’s conversation was helpful. Anyway, I will appreciate it if you share your thoughts with me, regarding this subject. Also, follow the blog to get instant access to every new release.

These are my suggestions, but what if they can help you.

Have a great day!

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