Key takeaways:

What anxiety is.

Subjective evidence of anxiety.

Solutions to anxiety.


There are lots of scientific insights on this seven-letter word. Here is mine.
Anxiety is an uncomfortable state of the mind which is initiated and prolonged by consistent exposure to fear and overwhelming. These things are negative; hence yields bad results.

Disclaimer: This definition might not be exactly as the one you’ll find elsewhere; this is based on my experience and logical reasoning.

The fear of being judged by others, the fear of losing someone or something, the fear of a certain kind of experience and the fear of some medical conditions are examples of fear which can lead an individual into anxiety.
The state of being overwhelmed is some way somehow similar to fear, but overwhelming also has its pathway. We are always overwhelmed by something in this world; either by the success of someone or natural and man-made calamities.
Anxiety is a bad master, if left to reign. It affects different parts of an organism. An Individual’s mental health, emotional health and physical health are the victims of this state of mind.


At this point, let me walk you through some experiences that signifies the occurrence of anxiety let’s begin with mental health.
Both events (fear and overwhelming) seriously injures our mental health. Here are some experiences one can go through when mental health is affected: Low level of creativity, highly reduced work ethic, inability to concentrate, prolonged disgust and inability to concentrate.

Anger and feeling of loss signifies that emotional health has been distorted.

General body pains, racing heartbeat, digestion issues, breathing congestions and headaches shows that anxiety has made its way to your physical health.

Disclaimer: Symptoms may vary among individuals. Kindly read this article for an in-depth understanding on the variant symptoms.


To begin with, both solutions I’m going to present to aren’t the only solutions available. The rest you can find.
The first thing to do after sensing anxiety is to seek immediate medical attention. This prevents any detrimental effects.

The final solution to share with you is, start practicing meditation. Meditation gives you the power to reflect on almost every of your life if it’s done the right way. It also helps to develop positive mindset; all negative thoughts go away when this is established.

Meditation builds self-confidence and brings abundant joy.

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