Success secrets from Be The Greatest

A pool of mud is a very pathetic place to be. You sink gradually if you stay still and very quickly when you use the wrong approach to escape. Only the smart approaches can help bring you out of a pool of mud. Do we have an agreement on that? I believe that’s a yes.

Today’s pool of mud isn’t just a mixture of sand and water, but rather the things that trap us to live far below our potential. Ignorance is one of them, fear is another and comparison is the last for today’s modern pool of mud. Ignorance, fear, and comparison crippled me in the past, but now I’m out of them. The smart approaches that helped me escape all three is what I’ve titled, “6 success secrets that lifted me from the mud”.

Incorporate them into your life.


Eliminate the habit of criticism, condemnation, and complaining.

Our society by default incorporates these three habits in us. We are automatically quick to criticize what the other person does, meanwhile, we hate it when some else criticizes us. It’s kind of a natural phenomenon. The same thing applies to the habit of condemnation. We tend to forget that when we condemn someone it drives them to condemn us back. Just like Newton’s third law of motion; “to every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction”. The habit of complaining is a very sad one. We have it all around us. Complaining about our problems isn’t going to get the problem solved; it’s just a waste of precious time and energy. The next time you’re about to criticize, condemn or complain about something, I want you to pause for just a minute and ask yourself, “is it worth it to do so?”; and then think of a better way to handle the situation at stake.


Understand the relationship between actions and emotions.

These two walk together. Strong emotions like anger and jealousy can command vexatious actions. Honestly, it is very easy to control actions than to control emotions. Have you ever encountered a time where your emotions made you act in a certain way? I’m waiting for your reply in the comment section. Fury is one of the worst emotions that disturbs a person’s normal state of being. The best way to keep emotions in check is to control the actions that come out. It’s that powerful.


Decipher that, human beings are creatures of emotions.

This secret is purposely directed to the person who has something to give to the human race. No matter how good or bad your service is, people will always judge you in accordance with how they feel about you or the state of being they’re in. I believe that’s how the creator made us. If you’re the type who always communicates in the logical form, then the time has come for you to add more emotional messages to the logical ones you have. People assimilate what you say or show them very well if it is in line with their emotions. Almost all the topnotch movie producers use this, so why don’t you take advantage of it too.


Back your thoughts with positive emotions.

The word “emotions” has been mentioned a couple of times in this piece of content, isn’t it? This is because there is immense power in that eight-letter word. Positive emotions are the ones I’ll want you to use. Positive emotions like faith and love do the most miracles in this universe we find ourselves. Great people who achieved bonny success in whatever they pursued, amalgamated positive emotions with their thoughts. The mixture yielded the fruits they reaped.


Always think of how to get something done.

From time to time, we’ve been hearing successful people say this. For me, one man, by the name Robert Kiyosaki frames it best. He says, “Instead of saying I can’t afford it, rather ask yourself, how can I afford it?” This question is very powerful. Whenever one asks that question, the brain starts searching for answers. “A question opens the mind, while a statement closes the mind”. The next time you get stuck in life or you’re challenged by something, remember to pose the question “how can I do it” to your brain.


Know that both success and failure are the results of habits.

Your day to day habits determines how your life is going to turn out; either a success or a failure. None of them occurs by chance. Mind you, your everyday behavior will sure yield a kind of fruit someday. Do you want it to be the fruit of success or that of failure? If it is the fruit of success you want to reap, then start being accountable for your habits today.

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