This is not an announcement, but rather, it is our topic of discussion for today.

Woman seeking attention.

Today we will talk about…

  • What attention seeking means.
  • The benefits of seeking attention.
  • How to get attention.
  • Consequences of seeking attention the wrong way.

Buckle up!

What does seeking attention mean to you?

To me, attention-seeking means, directing a lot of eyes on you based on what you exhibit. Here is a definition from Wikipedia.
In the century we live in, many are those who want the attention of others. Business owners are seeking the attention of customers with a chunk of ads and musicians are also seeking the attention of their listeners by releasing a lot of singles and albums.
Think about the thing that got you to buy from a particular store you came across, and you’ll know the importance of getting attention.
What are you doing to get attention? Give me your reply in the comment box.

Benefits of seeking attention.

Here are some few rewards for you if you utilize this skill positively.

  • Getting attention makes you famous as a company or an individual.
  • The level of respect you get from people increases.
  • Your message reaches a large audience.
  • It gets people connected to you.
  • Scientific studies also show that seeking attention reduces the rate of cardiac diseases. Read this.

Now let’s move on to…

How to get attention.

There are so many to get attention; the best way to find the one that works for you is to identify what you want to be known for.

Here are some the ways.

  • Using social media as a tool.
  • Running ads.
  • Creating content.
  • Interacting with people and being interested in them.
  • Starting a website or a blog.

To end today’s conversation, let’s talk about the…

Consequences of seeking attention the wrong way.

“Attention seeking is not bad, but too much of it is a chronic disease”, is a quote I picked from Ghana’s best rapper, Sarkodie; from his My Advice (freestyle).
What you do to get attention becomes what people know you for. So if your attention-seeking is done negatively then you’re going to take some hits. Some of the hits are; loss of respect, a terrible reputation, rejection, incurring losses as a business and the climax of it all is losing credibility.


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