Hi, what we’re going to talk about today is pretty basic; something you deserve to know about. I was inspired to write about The 3 most valuable tools: Time, Effort and Money, by the lessons I learnt the hard way from my very first job. The job which is known by many as network marketing or multilevel marketing.
I must say that, it is this job that has trained me to become the man I am today.

Come on! Let’s start our conversation.


This tool is available to you and me without any price tag attached. Each one of us is entitled to 24 hours in a day, though there are ways to get more added to yours. I’ll show you how in our subsequent conversations.
Our time needs to be cherished and utilized wisely. I know you have the stuff you spend your time on, a matter of fact, each one of us does. But, do the stuff you spend your time on have a positive or a negative influence on your life? Give me your answer in the comment box below.
Many are the people who miss countless opportunities due to how they manage their time. Some blame it on them not having enough time in a day, a week, a month, or a year, forgetting about the things they’ve prioritized in the time available to them.
Henceforth, I want you to take responsibility for the things you do with your time; everything you use your time for must bring improvement into your life or others.


I define effort as the energy directed at something. This is very key to success at anything you focus on.
There was a time where I really wanted to see massive success as a distributor, fortunately for me, that massive success never happened. The answer to the question you’re about to ask me is, I didn’t apply enough effort.
If you want to get the best results from anything you’re doing now, then you shouldn’t be like me back then. Always apply maximum effort on the things that have the ability to better your life, some of which are: business, job, happiness, love, and many more.


I guess you know how important this tool is. Some way somehow, it is the key to access opportunities.
Before you can start a business, you need this tool. Before you can acquire knowledge at school, you need it. The list of opportunities goes on, and on and on. Get your money right.

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