Conditioning yourself to attract wealth can be a frustrating experience, yet a very rewarding part of the wealth attraction process.

Few people take this part very serious; the majority take it for granted.

I will be sharing with you, the four secrets to conditioning yourself, to attract any kind of wealth you want.

Join me!


Know the kind of wealth you want, in its respective quantity.

It is awful when people are being asked, “How much money do you want” and they say, “I want to make a lot of money”. Wanting a lot of money isn’t going to attract the money you deserve.

Believe me or not, I know how bad you want a lot of money; so do I.

This is what I’ll recommend you do at this point. Make some time for only you, begin to think about the wealth you want (being it money, buildings, etc.) and do well to consider the reason why you desire to have what you’re thinking about. Finally, write down your thoughts in a diary or journal.


Develop a strong desire for what you want.

After putting all your thoughts into writing, this is the next crucial part of the entire process; developing a strong desire.

Most people lose the fire, somewhere in the midsection of the wealth attraction process. I believe you don’t belong to this group and never ever want to be part of them.

Developing a strong desire is as simple as it sounds.

Think of it as, having faith in God.

Steps to carry out.

  1. Believe that you can have whatever you want in life.
  2. Don’t allow your past to drag you; burn all the bridges that draw you back.
  3. Be obsessed about what you want.


Find the right activities you need engage yourself into.

What you do to get the wealth you want, is more important than the quantity you attract”. Take this from me.

Always make it your priority to engage in legit income-generating activities; one where you provide good value for someone.

Below are a few activities worth your consideration.

  1. Affiliate marketing.
  2. Starting E-commerce.
  3. Building a good personal brand on social media.
  4. Network marketing.
  5. Starting a blog.
  6. Starting a YouTube channel.
  7. Selling Ads.


Focus on how to get things done.

Most times, we hear successful people say, “A question opens the mind, but a statement closes the mind”.

Here is what they mean by that.

You only get more information about something, when you ask good questions. That good question is, how to get something done.

On the other hand, the statement that leads to unfulfilled potentials is, I can’t do this or this is not for me. If you’re fond of this, then you better detach yourself from that mentality as soon as possible.


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